Digital Manga

Published Book

During 2013-2014 I wrote a Photoshop tutorial book called Digital Manga.

I've been displaying my work on the web since the late 90s and since then one question visitors to my website or people in general would always ask me is "How do you colour your artwork?"

I felt that a lot of books on the market as well as free online tutorials just weren't sufficient at delivering an in-depth guide to the artist's working process and how to make best use of the latest Photoshop software and so decided to create my own manual which would answer that question.

Digital Manga is the result! It details every little trick I've learned and implemented over the last dozen years of using Photoshop by demonstrating a practical use on character art.

Cover Art: The book was originally going to be called How to Colour Anime and Game Characters: A Photoshop Guide. Digital Manga was a little easier to market.

Contents Page: The book is 160 pages consisting of approximately 40,000 words with 420 images and screen captures. I had created so much content that it ideally needed to cover 176 pages but had to be crammed into a previously set amount of page spreads.

Chapter Intro Spread: Chapter 7 : This is one of several character tutorials. The undercover cop chapter demonstrates techniques such as painting a background, adding colour overlay, speech bubble and sound effects.

Chapter Spread: Chapter 9 : This military commando character tutorial is used to demonstrate techniques such as creating then adding a camouflage pattern to an outfit and adding a logo.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy, visit the shop or search for it on Amazon or you favourite book store.

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