Tattoo Artist

The tattoo industry has developed massively over the last decade and it's now possible to have almost anything imaginable permanently inked onto skin. While there will always be a place for simple 'Mum' tattoos, stars or bird silhouettes, there's a growing section of the industry dedicated to tattoo art.

After 3 or 4 months or tattoo shop work exprience, I started teaching myself how to tattoo in 2009/2010. The first few years was spent working on fairly basic tattoos, after that progressing to some larger, custom pieces. I now spend around 30% of my work time tattooing.

I'm currently working towards creating a niche portfolio of custom tattoos a little more along the lines of what I already do; a modern tattoo style, illustrative or with a comic, manga or sci-fi feel to it.

If you live in the South East of England and fancy working with me, let me know.

Keeping and eye on the time for Luke's Neck

Lion, Magpie and Pocket watch for Steve's Forearm

Sarah asked for a colourful hummingbird design on her back.

Paul's custom black and grey full sleeve with sugar skull girl and tree.

Custom angel design for Christian's forearm

Wayne's custom black and grey shaded forearm tattoo commemorating to birth of his son.

After finishing Lewis' sleeve it was time to move onto the chest. 1 More session to finish!

Amber opted for a more simplistic line art on her back.

Coloured inky feather on Andy's collar bone/chest

Sean showing his Irish fighting spirit with a custom boxing gloves design on each leg

Custom rose memorial Tattoo on Jo's thigh

Custom character design for Simon's calf

Feather design with birds for Taylor's bicep and chest

Unused sci-fi skull design waiting for a new owner!

The Next Step

Hundreds of tattoo sessions later and I continue to build my tattoo portfolio; working towards developing my own style of custom designed tattoo pieces. If you're a tattoo fan who's happy to have some illustrative/ sci-fi / comic art skulls tattooed, let me know 🙂


Please visit Facebook page for bookings and enquires.

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